About Us

Our vision

Enriching the knowledge and management practices in the field of business in the Arab world.

Our mission

Arab Business studies website contributes to the enrichment of scientific Business content in the field of business in Arab World, by offering the latest studies in this area at the regional and international levels, and it available to the beneficiaries of practitioners, academics and students, For the development of knowledge and management skills based on a clear and organized methodology.

About us

This site aims to provide an opportunity to share knowledge and experiences in order to enrich the Arabic content on the field of business management, and make a shift in the way the education in the Arab world. Adding to creating the right opportunity for students, faculty members and practitioners to activate the educational process and the deployment of contemporary thought through access to the latest studies in this field. and to propose solutions to the problems faced by the business sector. We seek to employ the case study method in education, where the case study method has become desirable in many outstanding and the leading schools of business  in the world, it provides an in-depth insight at the problems and how to solve them. The case study method considered of the most effective and enjoyable educational methods.

Arbcs.com also  provides effective tools to facilitate using case study method by reviewing outstanding case studies at the global level and translate those cases into Arabic Languages. The site also provides access to distinct scientific research which published in top international journals through reviewing based on Scientific methodology, adding to the translation of researches and distinct articles to contribute to the transfer and sharing of knowledge.